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Kate Erickson is a self-taught expressionist painter living in Los Angeles with her husband, son and cat, Cookie.

Kate was encouraged by her teachers to pursue art at a young age. She’s deeply inspired by Marc Chagall, shamanic cultures, traditional ceremonies and the free expression of the subconscious.  Painting became more central to her life after a great personal loss and time in the hospital. This life transforming event and close encounter with death helped her to realize that there is no perfect time for expressing than now.


Following her intuition and her training in Craniosacral and the healing arts, Kate surrenders to the guidance of spirit in her work.  These paintings are a conversation with life, death and the journey of light and shadow within human consciousness.

Seeing in the world patterns of energy, shape and color, Kate feels painting is a powerful path to expression.


“I move intuitively into the painting process surrendering to the unfolding stories, complex and otherworldly energies of spirit that are sometimes difficult to express in words.”

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